User Terms

User Terms


GYMBase is a platform for users to exchange digital assets and provides related services.

When you use GYMBase, that means you have read, understand, agree to accept and comply with the following user agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") if you do not agree to comply with this agreement, please do not enter the GYMBase. We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to this agreement from time to time. As long as the natural person or other Subject who logs in GYMBase is regarded as GYMBase user, and for the convenience of expression, the following uses "You" or other second person referred to. GYMBase or “We” or other first person refers to GYMBase platform.

User protocol

1. About digital assets

1.1 The digital assets are not issued by any financial institution, company or GYMBase.

1.2 The digital asset market is new, uncertainty, and with risks may not increase. 

1.3 Digital assets are mainly used by speculators currently. Relatively small use in the retail and commercial markets. There is a high risk of digital assets trade, it’s all-day trading, and there is no limit of highs and lows. Prices are highly volatile due to the influence of market makers and global government policies.

1.4 Digital assets transaction may be suspended or prohibited at any time due to the enactment or modification of laws, regulations and regulatory documents.

Digital assets transaction is extremely risky and not suitable for most people. You must understand this investment may cause some loss or total loss, so you should carefully determine how much investment’s loss you can bear. You should clear that digital assets have derivative risks. Suggest you to seek the assistance of your financial advisor, if you have any questions. Moreover, in addition to the risks mentioned above, there are risks that are not predictable. You should carefully consider and use your clear judgment to assess your financial situation and the above risks first, and then make decision to buy or sell digital assets. You should bear all losses for your decisions, and we will not be responsible for these.


GYMBase is a hardware wallet based exchange (GYMLGR Technology), this means that all of the concurrency sent to GYMBase is stored in cold hardware wallets. Withdraws will ALWAYS require 2FA and EMAIL Confirmations.